Thank you for your message to the PHD Realty Team. Someone from our office will be in touch with you shortly. In the meantime, below is a listing of contacts with more information about rental properties in the Atmore area:


Thomas Hayles 251-202-1416

Bryan Black 850-232-2039

Sara Coon 251-368-5226

Dianne Baggett 251-368-5100

Keith Hess 251-368-8174

Brent Yoder 251-655-6462

Allen Walston 251-538-0591

Angie Burgess 251-272-3117

Daniel Lambert 251-446-3343 or 251-379-5755 Apartment Homes

Robert Gilman 850-366-0146

Tim Battles 614-214-1114

Cynthia White 850-572-4156

Darlene Peebles 251-253-4138

Kenny Williams 546-388-7756

Pete Amerson 850-393-3272

Paul Cody 850-503-7264 (McDavid)

Royce Schneider 850-516-4749 (Walnut Hill)